After checking out your web site for the last little while or so, I must first say I am very impressed. The combination of great memories and a deep love for the amazing decade of Flock of Seagulls and leg warmers has made for a great site. Very inspired by sites such as these, as well as an inherent love for the 1980s, I decided to launch my own web site as well devoted to the decade where some of the most amazing pop culture of all time unfolded. It is als80s, named after me (though hopefully not in the egotistical sense).

You look like you have an amazing quantity of info as it is, so I'm not sure if you need anything else, except for the occasional tune-up. Glad to do anything to help.

The Big Hair Decade is and was a huge part of my life, and there is a sampling of many areas of that phenomenon on my site. The site isn't huge yet, but there is more to come (though obviously nowhere near to the level it is on yours). I can really see where your source of motivation comes from. Congratulations on a job really well done!

I invite your surfers to check out my site and tell me what they think. I realize it is just the beginning, and many additions and improvements are necessary. They will come, as I am still just now gathering outside contributions and building a base of interested surfers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and here's to the Decade That Was, and that just won't go away (for good reason).

Web site address: www.als80s.com


Allan G.