1.) The heavenly kid soundtrack

2.) Two songs from the movie Can you feel me dancing with Justine
Bateman one
is rock and roll days or something and the other song is smooth mover
I don't know
the title or artist though maybe you can help me out with that.

3.) In the beat of a heart - from the horror movie The Masterson

4.) Starstruck
with actress Trini Alvarado. I also like the songs she sings all of
them including the
one I'm gonna make my dream come true for you I'm gonna make you see
that I'm
a dreamer who ....

5.) It's Lambada - By Jose Feliciano from the movie Lambada the
forbidden dance
an extremely rare song to find.

6.) Surrender to me - Peter Reckwell (he played Bo on the soap days
of our lives
it is from the 80s but can't find it anywhere. He sang this song live
to Hope in one
of the episodes where the dragon kidnaps her.

7.) I love the movie Double Switch I really want all the songs from
this movie
however, I don't know the title or artist of these songs but if you
can get them for
me I'd be most appreciative.

8.) Dream to believe soundtrack a.k.a. Flying and Teenage Dreams
with Olivia
D'Abo and Keanu Reeves) . I need help looking for the songs.

I hope this helps and if you cannot help me then I hope you can refer
me to
someone who might be able to as I'm so desperate to get these songs as
I love
them but they're so extremely rare to get unfortunately

Thank you so much once again for your time and help.

Kind regards,

Ellie. from Australia