In the year 2000 the company (Mars) changed the recipe of M&Ms to using SKIM MILK,MILKFAT and they are disgusting!!!!! (It used to be regular milk with NO milkfat for 20yrs or more)

I havent eaten them in 5 yrs or so and have a quest going on to try and get the company to change the recipe back to pre-2000 standards!!!!!!!

Have you noticed a change in the way they taste,you dont really like them anymore??? Well,this is why........

Im going crazy trying to get the company to change it back to the original (I DONT KNOW WHY THESE STUPID COMPANIES MESS WITH SUCCESS)

Please Click here and send the company feedback about how you DO NOT LIKE THE NEW RECIPES (With skim milk,milkfat) and you want the older kind before 2000 back!!!!! (With reg. milk and NO milkfat)

PLEASE TRY AND HELP ME IN MY QUEST FOR GOOD CANDY COMING BACK......(The more people who send them email the better chance we have)

Thank you & God Bless you all :)